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How to trade with KGI

What do I need to start trading
Client will receive
Account No. is Account Number
Login Password is the password for logging into the account for viewing market, stock information, streaming program and so on. Client will receive login password being 8 numbers from the company
Trading Password is for trading and its pin is 6 numbers Both passwords will be delivered to clients by the post.

How to login to the system

Entering Account No. and then login password on member login corner (it is on the left-hand side of the homepage) > login. If this is the first time for logging in, clients will find message window Your password is reset. You should change your password instantly > OK for changing Login Password as follows

Typing Old Password, New Password, Confirm New Password > Clicking "Change" bottom

Message box will show Do you confirm to change password? > OK

If it is changed completely, clients will see the message of Login password update has been completed > Close

How to change the passwords according to clients’ needs
Login Password
Clients can change login password by going to menu Investor Profile (Change Login/E-mail), which is on the left hand side on the first page after logging into the account. After opening the Investor Profile menu, please tick in the box of Change Login Password. Then, entering the present login password on the box of Old Password and the new password (can be alphabet/number between 6 and 10) on the box of New Password, clients are required to confirm new password and scrolls down for clicking the bottom of Update Investor Profile. If login password is changed successfully, the message box of Investor profile update has been completed will appear.

Trading Password
When receiving Trading Password (PIN for trading) from the company, clients have to change Trading Password by logging into the account.
Clients select menu of Internet Trading > Change Trading Password > window will be appeared for entering the present trading password > entering New Trading Password on the box of Enter New Trading Password > Confirm New Trading Password > Submit
If trading password is changed successfully, the message box of Change Trading Password is successful will appear.

How to access real time stock information

After logging into the account, please click Internet Trading , Market Summary will appear as well as the set of sub-menus on the left-hand side. Clients select sub-menu of Online Trading > Streaming has 2 choices

Streaming (New)
This is for computer having the screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels.

Streaming (Full)
Streaming will be showed as full screen.

How to oversee my trading portfolio both Internet account and cash account through the Internet

Clients have to open Internet Trading account firstly. Then, clients can monitor securities in trading portfolio both Internet, cash account and credit balance account separately (that you open with the marketing officers) through the Internet. Please do as below after logging into the account
Internet Trading > Online Trading > Trading Portfolio > putting the identified account number for each internet account, cash account and credit balance account in the box of Trading Account > Submit. Trading portfolio will show securities for each account number you enter.

How can clients check my order transaction and settlement date

Clients can monitor order transaction with deliberate details such as order number, stock symbol, quantity, order price, buy/sell status, the money amount of transaction, Net amount paid/received, and settlement date by following selections:

For selection 1
After logging into the account, clients go to Contract Note menu > Trading Account > selecting account number you would like to monitor such as your Internet account, Cash account and Credit balance account > selection A Period of Trade Date > Show

For selection 2
After logging into the account, you go to Internet Trading > Electronic Report on the left-hand side of Market Summary page > Contract Note > selecting account number you would like to monitor such as your Internet account, Cash account and Credit balance account > enter the date of copy you would like to check > Check

For selection 3
After logging into Internet Trading > Electronic report > Daily Contract > the system will show daily transaction order. This will be available only for Internet Account.

How to transfer securities from other accounts to KGI account

For selection 1
When logging into the account, clients select KGI Form menu > Stock Withdrawal/Transfer (OP 12 form). Client can print out this form and fill in Stock Withdrawal/Transfer form with specimen signature, then return to the company.

For selection 2
When logging into the account, clients select Internet Trading > Electronic Form > Stock Deposit. Please fill in Stock Deposit form and pressing Preview for auditing information before confirming. Message window will be shown Your instruction for stock deposit is currently pending. After that, clients will be contacted from KGI in order to send Stock Withdrawal/Transfer (OP 12 form) to you for filling in the form with specimen signature and clients have to return the original document to the company.

Remark : Clients can monitor the status of their securities being transferred or withdrew from your trading portfolio after the completion of transferring or withdrawing process.

8.	How to do when clients would like to withdraw their securities from their portfolio at KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Selection 1
When logging into account, clients will see KGI Form Menu on your left-hand side of the first page. KGI Form > Stock Withdrawal/Transfer (OP12) > Print out, fill in the form and return to the company

Selection 2
Internet Trading > Electronic report on Market Summary page > Stock Withdrawal > Fill in the form > Preview for rechecking > Confirm Then, clients will receive the message box Your Instruction for stock Withdrawal is currently pending. Nevertheless, clients are required to fill in the form with specimen signature and return the original form to the company.

How can I see my statement

Once you have logged into the account, please click Internet Trading on your left hand side. Consequently, Market Summary page will be appeared and then select Electronic Report that will demonstrate the following sub-menus :

Statement of Account
is monthly statement including details of orders, payment settlement date, etc

Cash Balance Statement
shows withdrawal and deposit transaction. This service is available only for Deposit/Cash Balance Internet Account.

Transaction History
shows transaction backed to past 3 months.

How can I deposit money into my account ? (This is only for Deposit/Cash Balance accounts)

Clients can inform your aim to increase your line available as below

Doing online
When clients inform their deposit online by filling in Cash Deposit form before 4 p.m., the company will increase their line available in your account on the next day.
Internet Trading > Deposit/Withdrawal > Cash Deposit > Fill in the form > Submit

Doing through fax
After clients transfer money to KGI’s bank account, please fax bank pay-in slip to fax number 02-658-8658 together with your name and account number before 4 p.m. The company will increase your line available in your account on the next day.

Note : For emergency case, clients would like to increase line available quickly, please inform and confirm your deposit to the company again on phone number 02-658-8555

How do I withdraw money from my account? (This is only for Deposit/Cash Balance accounts)

Clients can withdraw money from their Internet Trading account. Clients should check their cash available (the amount of money that clients can withdraw) firstly.
Internet Trading > Deposit/Withdrawal > Cash Withdrawal > Fill in the form > Submit
After the company receives your withdrawal form that you do online, clients will receive transfer money on identified bank account and bank name on the next working day. This is provided with the following bank list.
Remark : Minimum withdrawal amount is more than 10,000 baht

If I could not access to the Internet, how can I trade or get quote

You can call us (662) 658-8777 between Monday and Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Or e-mail to tradingsupport@kgi.co.th It is our pleasured to serving you in the future.

Corporate Sale, KGI Securities (Thailand) PLC. Asia Centre building, 10th floor, South Sathorn Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok 10120 - tradingsupport@kgi.co.th or Call. +662-658-8777