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Notification of shares tranfer

December 06, 2016


                As the Association of Thai Securities Companies (“ASCO”) has issued its notification no.GorSor.1/2016 Re; Rules, conditions and procedures in connection with share transfer, withdrawal and issuance of share certificate and depository of share, dated November 1st, 2016, which will be effected on January 1st, 2017 (“ASCO Notification”) which required all securities companies to set up their concise, proper and sufficient internal control in managing and taking care of customer’s properties in order to protect any fraud event, any act to take benefit over Customer’s properties and nominee trading.                      Therefore, in order to comply with ASCO Notification, KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited (the “Company”) would like to notify the procedure in connection with depository, withdrawal and transfer of share or share certificate for individual customer (“Customer”), with details as follows;

1.       In case of scripless share, the Customer is entitled to transfer such share just only for these following cases;

1.1           Transfer to Customer itself or to the Customer’s spouse and/or legitimate child (required supporting evidences)

1.2           Transfer for the Securities Borrowing and Lending (“SBL”) transaction which transacted through SBL licensed agent 

1.3           Transfer to correct any trading error transactions which have been found on or after settlement date and its shall be transferred to the following specific account / port folio;    

1.3.1       The Company’s error port folio

1.3.2      / Company’s segregate account or any custodian bank account of the foreign financial institutions who has its control as accepted by the Office of Securities Exchange and Commission (“SEC”) 

1.4      Transfer to pledge

1.5      Transfer to comply with court’s order such as estate or sell by auction

1.6         Transfer for tender offer transaction

1.7    Transfer to perform any transaction approved by SEC and/or the Stock Exchange of Thailand

1.8    Transfer for any cases as prescribed by ASCO under agreeable by SEC from time to time

2.       Any transfers other than the cases specified above, the Customer is required to withdraw, issue share certificate and endorse such share certificate to the transferee only

3.        In withdrawing the share and issuing share certificate, it cannot issue in any name other than the name of the account owner 

4.       The Company reserves the right to object any depository and/or receiving of share transfer in case the Company found that the name of a) transferor and the transferee and/or b) share certificate holder and target depository account are difference

5.       The above procedure shall not apply to juristic customer and debt instruments

6.       This Notification shall be effected from January 1st, 2017 onward

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